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Harry Potter LIMS challenge
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Harry Potter - Last Icon Maker Standing


Do you want to participate in a Harry Potter LIMS challenge that uses beautiful high quality images, has two friendly, professional mods and prides itself on following a set-out schedule to make sure that everything runs smoothly?

Then this is the place for you! Welcome to Lumos LIMS, an elite Harry Potter Last Icon Maker Standing contest. This is an elite LIMS community, which means we pride ourselves on using high quality images and following a strict schedule. Everything will run smoothly, with no speed bumps in sight! Each week we will have a new challenge and each week icon makers will be eliminated until we are left with the Last Icon Maker Standing.




First, you must of course sign up. Enter Challenge 1 to signup. Once the first challenge is closed you may no longer sign up/enter. So that we can be sure you have read the rules, please put "Baboon brandishing a stick" in your subject line when commenting. It is our suggestion that you join and friend the community as well, to make it easier to keep track of challenges.

The challenges will go up on Monday. You will be given five days to enter the challenge, at which point voting will go up. If you do not enter the challenge and have no "byes" left, you will be disqualified. Challenges will go up on Monday and close on Friday night midnight est. Voting will go up on Saturday and last until Sunday. Results will be posted on Monday before the next challenge is posted.

Each challenge will provide you with a new image or theme. Each participant is limited to one icon unless noted otherwise for the challenge, all entries must be original and may not be used or posted anywhere before the challenge is over. Livejournal standards apply; no more than 100x100, or 40kb, must be .jpg, .gif or .png. Stock images, brushes, textures, etc are all allowed. [no fan art, no animation]


Voting will go up on Saturday and run for at least 24 hours until Sunday. You will be voting for your least favorite & favorite icon and stating the reason why. Votes will be attributed point values and the person with the most negative votes will be voted out. In this way, you will be voting an icon maker out of the competition.

When voting, please use the provided form. You will be asked for the number of the icon you are voting for and also the reasons you chose that icon. Votes are weighted so order counts. All comments will be screened. Comments are posted as part of the results, so please remember to give constructive reasons and not to be rude or impolite in your critique. *We reserve the right to disqualify votes for being unduly rude or inappropriate. If you are caught to be excessively rude you will be removed form the community. There is no excuse for immature behavior and we will not tolerate it.

At the end of voting the results will be tallied and the results will be announced. The icon maker with the most negative points will be eliminated. Each week there will also be a "voter's choice" winner and a "mod's choice" winner.


ROUND ONE WINNER: Ponks; ponkie icons at ponkieicons --- final results post
ROUND ONE RUNNER UP: Rotae; rotae icons at iconnotbesubtle --- final results post

ROUND TWO WINNER: Willowcanne; willowcanne --- final results post
ROUND TWO RUNNER UP: Bethy J; bethyj icons at bethyj_graphics --- final results post
ROUND TWO 2 RUNNER UP: Sarah; bishwop icons at picturified --- final results post

ROUND THREE WINNER: Bethy J; bethyj icons at bethyj_graphics --- final results post
ROUND THREE RUNNER UP:Laura; woodeneternity icons at atlanticaicons --- final results post
ROUND THREE 2 RUNNER UP: Iris; pierhias icons at puericons --- final results post